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Origami owl designs fashion forward jewelry that inspires people to share their personal stories through lockets.

You can be your own jewelry designer by picking and choosing the charms, lockets, dangles, and chains that contribute to your unique look.

My Name is Susan Lanier and I love helping people tell their stories through our lockets.

I've been with Origami Owl for a little over 3 years because I think it it is a creative way to express yourself and I have fun with it!

I'm here to personally help you create looks for you or your loved ones.

Guardian Angel CORE Gift Set

custom jewelry gifts Our Guardian Angel Rose Gold Memento is a visual promise that you can never stray too far from the protection of your guardian angel. Featured on our 16-18" Gold Cable Chain, this Pendant look makes an inspiring gift for yourself or a loved one. As a versatile option, this Memento can also be customized to be worn on any of our CORE Bangle Bracelets.

custom silver bracelet With a Sentiments Wrap Twist Living Locket look + Moodology Mood Disc included, you can boost your mood everywhere you go this holiday season, while wearing stunningly beautiful, vintage-inspired customizable jewelry. With one of our four Moodology 100% pure essential oil blends, you will be able to choose how you want to feel, when you need it most.

Mini Rose Gold Butterfly

jewelry gift set Embrace change and awaken joy and light within yourself with our sparkling Mini Gold Living Locket highlighting our delicate Rose Gold Butterfly Charm. You'll find this butterfly flittering and fluttering among our glimmering Clear Stardust Crystals by Swarovski for a Locket look that truly shines. Personalize this look further by including additional Charms.

gold bracelet gift set Enjoy this stunningly beautiful, vintage-inspired customizable jewelry. Slimmer Down Now Gold Bracelet Gift Set. Medium gold solid wrap bracelet locket base + sentiments face with swarovski crystal. Gold Metallic Genuine Leather Wrap: 6 - 7 1/4". Medium Gold Moodology Filigree Mood Disc. Slimmer Down Now: 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

Lotus And Lanier

Custom Jewelry Charms, Lockets, Dangles, Personalized Jewelry and Chains Susan Lanier - Las Vegas

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Personalized Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry Charms, Lockets, Dangles, Personalized Jewelry and Chains Capture every treasured moment in a meaningful, customizable Living Locket. Remember special milestones, celebrate exciting events, express your gratitude and never forget a moment of your journey with a timeless keepsake you can wear close to your heart.

custom jewelry charms, lockets, dangles, personalized jewelry and chains

custom jewelry charms, lockets, dangles, personalized jewelry and chains

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